our services

our services

Home Security

We provide execellent reliable physical security services as per specific client requirements or need.

surveillance system

We offer a wide range of surveillance systems. We sell, install and maintain CCTV cameras.

cloud Security

We also offer security monitoring for all our cloud based CCTV and trigger alert security systems.


We use Securitas Operation Tracker for escort guarding to enable easy tracking through technology.


Our team is highly trained in Forensic investigations and has the capacity to use unique technology.


We offer Biometric innovations passwordless logins for the workforce, security and residential domains.

Safekeeping & Warehousing

Our warehousing facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology system operated by well-trained employees. Innovex offers state-of-the-art safekeeping facilities with 24-hour physical monitoring, bio-metric security and 7 days access a week.

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